Covid 19: Fine of Rs 2000 if found without a mask!

The virus erupted at once as winter passed over due to changes in the climate. The number of cases worldwide is increasing slightly. America as well as European countries are reporting high number of cases. Some countries have already imposed a second lockdown. Despite this, tensions are running high in India as a record number of corona positive cases have been reported. 

The number of cases is on the rise, especially in the national capital, Delhi, due to the extreme cold. Corona intensity is high. In this context, the Delhi government has imposed strict regulations on the people here. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has issued a fresh order imposing a fine of Rs 2,000 on anyone found stepping out of a house without a mask. This was stated by CM Arvind Kejriwal himself. 

Medical experts have issued warnings that the corona second wave has already arrived in Delhi. With this, the decision taken by the Delhi government for the sake of public health has become a topic of discussion across the country. Doctors believe that the recent increase in the number of cases is due to the recent Dussehra Diwali festival, which has reduced the fear of corona among the people and are non-compliant with government regulations. Similarly, Kejriwal suggested that children not be taken to public places with larger crowd, and instructed them to wear mask if its unavoidable.