Breaking: Khushboo narrowly escapes an accident!

Kollywood heroine and BJP woman leader Khushboo narrowly escaped a car accident and survived in Chennai. Her car was hit by a huge container. However, Khushboo narrowly escaped a major accident with the air balloon in the car opening at the right time. The actor-turned-politician was travelling towards Cuddalore to join BJP’s Vel Yatra, when a tanker rammed into her vehicle. After the accident Khushboo tweeted pictures of her damaged car and described her situation. The pictures showed a heavily damaged white SUV, Khushboo wrote, “Met with an accident near Melmarvathur..a tanker rammed into us. With your blessings and God’s grace I am safe. Will continue my journey towards Cuddalore to participate in #VelYaatrai (sic).”  

Khushboo said that she had survived the car accident with the blessings of Lord Murgan. As soon as the state BJP leaders came to know that Khushboo was in danger, they phoned her and inquired about her condition. Police is investigating the cause of the accident. Khushboo further clarified that the container tanker rammed into their vehicle. “My car was on the move in the right lane and this container came from nowhere and rammed into me. Police are investigating n questioning the driver to rule out any foul play,” reads another tweet.  

It is learned that Khushboo switched from the Congress to the BJP last month. Tamil Nadu Assembly elections will be held next year. Leaders hope that with their inclusion like Khushboo in the party will be lucky for them in the upcoming elections. Kushboo joined the Congress from the DMK in 2014.