Is Jagan politics hitting YCP to the rocks?

It seems like the enthusiasm is lost amongst the party members. On the occasion of three-year anniversary of Jagan’s record breaking ‘Paadayathra’ , In every constituency, MLAs and party in-charges were ordered by the party leaders to march for ten days, but the ruling party leaders at the grassroots level sneered. Looks like the party members are strongly abiding to “Yadha Raja Thatha Praja”(As the king, so are the people). 

Exactly two years ago, with just Jagan’s one  call, many activists would have marched on to the streets with their own money. He was also successful in telling the people about the failures of the government of the day. Nowadays people are anxiously waiting to see what the party will give. People use to work hard by abiding to single agenda that Jagan has to become the CM. Now the whole scene is reversed. 

On the one hand activists are not properly welcomed. Along with that the party for a year and a half was forgotten by everyone including Jagan. Cadre is adamant that they would not work for a party that does not care about them and ignored them for eighteen months. No longer do the actual leaders in the YCP have positions or power. MLAs take care of their own business affairs. The ground level report is that their bigotry and the indifference of their own party leaders have combined to the drabness of the party. Comments are also coming in that the High Command has suddenly pulled out of its original position by suddenly calling for a march without seeing the front cadre thing. And if the party is not strengthened by supporting Cadre yet, he says the ruling party will inevitably be rocked in the coming days. 

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