Only Corona can crush Trump and Modi?

US elections under corona time is sending shivers down the spines of the two political parties Democrats and Republicans in the country. While US President Donald Trump is attacking  China to attract voters, while his opponent Joe Biden is holding Trump responsible for the mishandling of corona crisis resulting in numerous deaths and also for the plunging the country into economic crisis.

Many feel Trump is fighting a losing battle and popularity surveys show the same. Joe Biden is leading the popularity surveys and many Americans are saying that they would vote for Biden. Trump is facing allegations that he didnot handle corona pandemic properly. However there is a twist here.

Some are arguing that corona cases in US increased after Trump attended Namaste Trump event hosted by his best friend PM Modi in India. People are attacking that Modi flopped miserably in his handling of corona virus. So analysts say if Trump loses US elections it is indirectly a defeat to PM Modi. Analysts are of the opinion that only corona can crush Modi and Trump.


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