Jagan’s secret acts shock his ministers

YSR son Jagan Mohan Reddy even before he entered politics faced serious allegations from opposition parties, especially Chandra Babu’s TDP over his involvement in government projects, contracts, and quid pro quo corruption. When he tried to become the CM of the united Andhra Pradesh daring the diktat of the Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Congress leaders filed cases against him approaching the High Court and Supreme Court.

He was sent packing to jail and still, people voted him to power in the recent general elections in Andhra Pradesh. Right after becoming CM, Jagan promised a government rule bereft of corruption. Opposition parties made fun of Jagan and questioned how could he provide corruption less administration when he himself is facing serious corruption charges in the courts.

In the meantime, reports are coming that Jagan’s secret acts are shocking his ministers. Buzz is he kept all his ministers under surveillance and he is taking serious actions against all those ministers and their family members giving them warnings when they try to involve in various government projects, land deals, transfers, postings influencing government decisions.