For Taliban Khan, Osama is a Shaheed

People across the world cannot forget the 9/11 Twin Tower blast in the US. This changed the dimensions of the world and the US forced all the countries to be on its side in its so-called fight against terror. Pakistan which harbors terrorists had no other option but to reluctantly support the US.

The US conducted a massive searches in various countries for Osama Bin Laden, Taliban chief who was the mastermind behind the attack. Finally much to the shock of all they found him hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan enjoying full military and ISI protection.

US marine commandos executed him in a daring operation stunning Pakistan which expected the US to request for its cooperation. Now after so many years, Pakistan Prime Minister shocked all by hailing Osama Bin Laden as a Shaheed (Martyr).

Imran Khan during his election campaign vehemently supported various terrorist groups and he earned the reputation of Taliban Khan. After coming to power, he toned down his support but now hailed Osama as a Shaheed in the parliament.

Imran sang praises on Osama Bin Laden,saying “….Humne War on Terror main US ka saath diya aur jo jillat uthani padi mere mulaq ko…main nahi samajhta ki kabhi bhi koi mulq War on Terror main saath de aur wo bura bhala bhi humain kahen. (US) Afghanistan main kamiyab na hua toh uske liye bhi Pakistan jimmedar hai. Openly. Hamara Pakistan ke liye do bahut hi sharminda vakiya hue…jo hum kabhi bhula nahi sakte…Ek hua ji Osama bin Laden ko Americans ne Abbottabad main maar diya…shaheed kar diya. Uske baad kya hua? Sari duniya ne hume gaaliyan di…bura bhala humain kaha. Yaani hamara ally hamare mulaq main aake maar raha hai kisi ko aur hamain hi nahi bata raha. 70,000 Pakistani mar chuke hain unki jang ke liye. Yani itni jyada jillat.”

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