Bandi Sanjay: Will commit suicide if TRS proves me wrong

Telangana BJP wing president, Bandi Sanjay made a very controversial statement while speaking with his party forces regarding the forthcoming GHMC elections.

“The central government is providing surplus funds to Telangana, but the TRS government keeps claiming the centre is belittling the state and not releasing adequate funds. I am very sure that the TRS government is wasting the funds provided by the central government. If TRS leaders prove me wrong, I am ready to commit suicide,” Sanjay stated.

Sanjay went on to say that the TRS government is putting in its best efforts to deceive the common public by slinging mud on the central government.

It is known that the likes of KCR, KTR, and Harish Rao had recently commented that the centre is not providing Telangana with enough funds and even denting the state finances with inappropriate GST slabs. Bandi Sanjay’s comments seem to be made in this context.