YS Jagan speaks out on Airport attack, alleges CM as the mastermind

Speaking for the first time over the Airport attack, Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy fumed on Telugu Desam Party President Chandrababu Naidu. While addressing the crowd during the Praja Sankalpa Yatra, the YSRCP leader levied several allegations against the ruling government making TDP the mastermind behind the October 25th attack.

Addressing a gathering at Parvathipuram Jagan said that the plot was to murder him. “Mr. Naidu can go on to any extent to eliminate the opposition. He is the mastermind behind the attack on me”, YS Jagan alleged.

The opposition leader further stated that the actual plan for his murder was made on March 22, after TDP pulled out of the NDA government. He claimed that ‘Operation Garuda’ was scripted by Chandrababu Naidu, though narrated by actor Shivaji.

The YSRCP leader made several allegations in this regard and of all, one of the key allegations is how the Police recovered a 10-page document from the accused Srinivas when the CRPF did not find anything in possession of the accused, at the airport. Jagan alleged that the State police have cooked a story within an hour of the incident, making Srinivas a YSRCP fan. Suspiciously, the recovered document had different handwritings.

The incident took place on October 25 and since then, according to the police, YS Jagan did not cooperate with them to investigate into the case. Even TDP Ministers criticized the same while stating that the attack was planned by YS Jagan himself to gain some sympathy. However, the opposition leader maintained that he is ready to give his statement to any central or special investigation team not connected with the State government.

The issue has every angle to be called a thriller. According to actor Shivaji, it is BJP who should plan an attack on YS Jagan as part of Operation Garuda. Shivaji claimed that BJP’s master plan was to create havoc in the state by attacking the opposition leader and thus, pressurizing the state government. No doubt, that there might be such a plan indeed if Amit Shah is the head of BJP’s planning commission.

But, the way TDP responded in real quick time with a preliminary investigation report to deny any allegations on the ruling party has wondered many. On the other hand, even YSRCP can plan such an attack as criticized by TDP but the key is the timing of the attack. Such sympathy attacks will only work right before elections when the time is just ripe, like in Telangana. There is every possibility that general public will forget this issue by the time the Election Commission releases notification for Assembly elections in February 2019. So, why will YSRCP do this at this point of time?

With YS Jagan not cooperating with the Police to bring out the truth, the police will have to find other ways to dig deep. A local court in Visakhapatnam has also ordered YS Jagan to surrender his blood-stained shirt to help investigation.

CM Chandrababu Naidu reiterated that the attack was suspected to be carried out by BJP as narrated by Shivaji. He warned that he will leave no stone unturned to chase and establish the truth.