Why Mudragada quit Kapu agitation

Mudragada Padmanbham during Chandra Babu’s regime created a sensation by launching Kapu protests demanding reservations for the community. This even resulted in violent protests and the burning of Ratnachal Express came as a shock.

From then on all political parties, be it Chandra Babu’s TDP, Jagan’s YSRCP and Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena competed to get his support. What came as a shock is Mudragada a couple of days back called off Kapu agitation.

He said he started the agitation as Chandra Babu Naidu did not do anything for Kapu reservations. Some say YSRCP leaders pressurized Mudragada to call off the agitation after Jagan launched the Kapu Nestham scheme. When Jagan expressed his inability that his government cannot give reservations to Kapus due to the Supreme Court ruling, Pawan cited the example of Maharashtra government which brought in an ordinance. But everyone feels that all these are just delaying tactics.

Some say, Mudragada made a fool of himself and even fooled Kapus by promising heaven and failing to get anything in return.

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