Who Is Backstabbing Jagan?

YS Jagan won with absolute majority in 2019 elections and ever since he has increased his base by inviting several opposition leaders into his party. However, Jagan is having his share of problems due to several decisions he has taken as a part of his governance.

Backstabbing Jagan?

Now, there are stories doing rounds of a senior leader trying to backstab Jagan. The leader hailing from uttarandhra is said to be busy holding meetings with his supporters. It is being said that he is also gathering ground-level reports about the party’s image among people.

The said leader is not particularly happy with the idea of three capitals and is hence indulging in back-stabbing activities, say political analysts. However, he is known to be a pro in his game and the leader is ensuring that his name does not come out in public. But inside sources of YSRCP say that a core team of YS Jagan is now digging up information against the leader in picture.

Another big jolt for the party has come from the party’s core strength area Rayalaseema. Another seasoned politician who is said to have long-pending issues with Jagan has been trying to backstab him in the region. The leader is said to be unhappy with Jagan’s style of functioning and is said to be supporting all who are raising their resentment towards Jagan.

So, given the situation, many party insiders feel it is time Jagan looked into these matters seriously and took corrective measures. For now, Jagan is busy with governance and has left party matters to his coterie of party leaders. But time has come for Jagan’s direct involvement say political analysts.