The secret formula for Pawan to become CM

People say Power Star Pawan Kalyan chief of Jana Sena has hit upon a secret formula and if it works out he will be the next Chief Minister.

It is known that experience plays a key role in politics and former CM YCR, current CM Jagan and even TDP chief Chandra Babu came to power by going on a padayatra. Now inside talk is Pawan is also keen to go on a padayatra and emulate them.

But sources say Pawan did not get this idea. His alliance partner BJP got the idea and they feel that if Pawan goes on padayatra then he can change the political picture in Andhra Pradesh.

They planned to start the padayatra starting from 2022 till 2024. Before that Pawan should complete his film commitments. But with Corona scare stalling his films, they postponed the yatra by six months. Pawan will concentrate on films till Summer 2022 and then focus completely on politics. Sources say Pawan’s speech, manifesto and promises will all be directed by BJP.

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