TDP moves HC against repolling, CBN losing credibility

Chandrababu Naidu opposes repolling in Chandragiri


In an unfortunate move, the Telugu Desam party has approached the Andhra Pradesh High Court challenging the decision of the Election Commission to conduct repolling in parts of Chandragiri constituency.

The Election Commission’s decision came after 35 days of conducting the general election in AP, which the Telugu Desam party is highlighting. “When we approached them for repolling, they did not budge. But, the moment YSRCP requested them, they are back with repolling. We doubt, is the Election commission functioning as an independent body?”, asked Chandrababu during a media briefing after meeting the Election Commission in Delhi.

Interestingly, the EC countered Chandrababu with video evidence of rigging in stations where it has ordered repolling. Challenging all the outcome, the TDP has now approached the High Court alleging that the EC is not functioning impartially. The High Court, on the other hand, ordered the Election Commission to file an affidavit detailing the repolling cause.

Political debates are on a high over the incident. A Political party as TDP, which has a long history to boast of, challenging a repolling decision only brought out the fear that has gripped TDP of losing on May 23. In fact, it is a moral obligation for any political party to go for repolling even if ordered for ‘n’ number of times to instil democratic values in the society. After all, the party which has the backing of the public wins evidently. Instead, the TDP’s foul cry is giving out a message that they might be behind the rigging in the said five polling booths under the Chandragiri constituency.