Mega Star eyeing mega political comeback?

Mega Star Chiranjeevi burnt his hands by entering politics, launching his own political party and failing to run it in the long run and instead merging with the Congress party to become Union Tourism Minister.  He faced many accusations and allegations of selling the party tickets and later the party itself. During his presence in politics, he became the favourite punching bag of his political rivals.

Chiranjeevi after two consecutive crushing defeats of the Congress party, silently stayed away from politics and quietly returned to the silver screen and started doing films. He avoided all political questions of his re entry though his brother Pawan Kalyan started his own party Jana Sena and fared even disastrously than him.

In the midst of all this, during the last few weeks speculation is increasing that Chiranjeevi would make his re entry into the politics. This is gaining momentum as BJP leaders started meeting him and recently BJP new AP chief Somu Veeraraju met Chiranjeevi. Many BJP leaders started meeting Chiranjeevi and they even issued statements welcoming his entry as and when it happens.

They are hailing Chiranjeevi as a people’s leader and reports are coming that if Chiranjeevi decides to take a political plunge then he would be sent to Rajya Sabha and then would be made Union Minister.

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