Jagan exhibiting suicidal tendencies

The results of AP general elections held last year stunned all. Though many expected Chandra Babu to lose, no one expected Jagan to have such a landslide. Jagan’s supporters got super excited and from then on Jagan started exhibiting aggressive attitude and this is noticed in his way of functioning and the decisions his government has been taking.

But many after watching his actions and the consequences, Jagan is exhibiting suicidal tendencies in his enthusiasm to leave a mark in the next five years. He is keen to have his way and in the process is getting shocks from the High Court and Supreme Court on various issues.

Even after that he is not taking corrective measures and instead of going on adopting a confrontational approach. But this is sending wrong signals to the people and society that Jagan is not a law-abiding citizen and he is more interested in breaking rules.

Opposition leaders like Chandra Babu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan are using this as an excuse to launch blistering attacks on Jagan. Jagan should introspect himself and his actions and ensure that he does not send wrong signals at least to the people and the society.