Decoding fans: Pawan’s defeat?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has a huge fan following and his fan following increases with each passing second irrespective of his success or failure in films and politics. In the midst of all this, analysts started decoding Pawan Kalyan fans and trying to find whether fans are Pawan’s strengths or weaknesses.

In the meantime, shocking reports are coming that Pawan confessed to his close aides that his fans were the reason for the current situation of Jana Sena and also his defeat in both Bheemavaram and Gajuwaka.

In 2019 December for Rythu Sadassu held in Mandapet, East Godavari, Pawan’s fans attended in huge numbers. While farmers were telling their woes and problems to Pawan, fans, and supporters out of over-enthusiasm did not allow Pawan to talk. Pawan who lost his cool thundered ‘ Due to your indiscipline we lost the elections. Had there been discipline, Jana Sena would have won”. This shows even Pawan knew that he lost elections due to his fans.

Pawan has a huge fan following on Twitter. He has more than 40 lakhs followers. Had they promoted Jana Sena’s ideologies religiously and explained Pawan Kalyan’s honest attempts, Jana Sena would have made his presence felt in AP.

Around 1.60crs would have voted for Jana Sena and Pawan wouldn’t have lost so badly. Since fans did not vote for Pawan Kalyan, he lost from both Bheemavaram and Gajuwaka. This shows fans did not campaign for the party.

Pawan is like a tiger on social media as he has more than 40 lakhs followers. Two months ahead of his birthday, fans made a record number of 270 lakhs tweets. Had fans really showed the same zeal during elections, Pawan would have shown his power in the elections and in politics. But fans’ strength turned Pawan’s weakness.

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