CBN Vs KCR – Can KCR weave a third front?


After sweeping the Telangana assembly polls with a thumping victory K Chandrasekhar Rao addressed the media and hinted out positively on the third front. Interestingly, both the Chief Ministers of the Telugu states are working strongly against the BJP government with tall claims of knitting an alternative. Can it be a reality?

Chandrababu Naidu is working against the BJP citing the differences he had with them for not implementing the poll promises made to AP. He is even willing to work with the Congress to dethrone BJP from the Centre. On the other hand, KCR much ahead of Chandrababu raised the need for a third front or federal front without Congress or BJP. He opined that both BJP and Congress have failed in the overall development of the country and there must be an alternative without them.

While KCR was busy with the assembly polls, Chandrababu Naidu attended an opposition meeting in Delhi which included 14 parties…all coming forward with a common agenda of fighting against the NDA. However, the meeting was not attended by Mamata and Mulayam who are yet to take a call on joining a coalition led by Congress. Trends show that these two leaders are in favour of KCR’s federal front proposal without BJP and Congress. But the real questions is when the majority of opposition parties led by Congress has already conveyed a meeting in Delhi to exhibit their willingness to form an alliance, whom will KCR bring along with him to strengthen his idea of federal front?.

Also, if KCR fails to form a federal front will he support the alliance which includes TDP and Congress?. There is a high possibility that this will not happen as Congress and TDP are the natural rivals of TRS in the state. In the current scenario, forming a third front against BJP and the alliance-led by Congress is more than a difficult task. We will have to wait and see on how KCR reacts to this.

Media houses reported that KCR might step up for national politics after making his son KTR the Chief Minister, soon after the poll results. But, KCR rejected the news. Whatever be the case, we must note that KCR does not enjoy a popularity as much as Chandrababu Naidu at the national level with reference to the political experiences and the number of MPs.