CBN sleeping with the enemy

The controversy over the suspension of Narsipatnam doctor Sudhakar and the way police beat him up in Visakhapatnam triggered a huge outrage. When NGOs and opposition leaders approached High Court, The court took serious objection and after reprimanding Jagan’s Government and the cops for the high handedness, handed the case to CBI.

Now former CM of Andhra Pradesh, TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu launched a blistering attack on Jagan and the AP CM. He welcomed the court direction to hand over the case to CBI. But many feel that Chandra Babu stands exposed on CBI and they started highlighting CBN’s doublespeak.

They allege that Chandra Babu is well known to sleep with the enemy and he is doing the same now. When he was in power, Chandra Babu made serious allegations against CBI and attacked how CBI been targetting the TDP leaders. He even did not allow CBI officials to enter Andhra Pradesh.

Now the same Chandra Babu is welcoming CBI inquiry into Dr. Sudhakar’s episode and High Court action against Jagan’s government.