YS Jagan to COOL every Amaravathi supporter with this new strategy ?

AP Capital Amravati, Will it be a separate district? Is the YCP government moving pieces strategically in this regard? Looks like the same. YCP chief Jagan announced the formation of new districts in the state during the Prajasankalpa Yatra. However, the decisions he has been making in recent times have been controversial, and he is strategically leading the formation of districts to get out of it. 

what will happens If districts are formed according to the demands of the people? Jagan seems to think that this would be a sub-formula to reduce the antagonism amongst the people. In fact, Jagan announced that parliamentary constituencies would be formed into districts , to this extent that a committee has also been set up to exclusively work on the same. Accordingly, the government is working for 32 districts. Adoni is not a parliamentary constituency in Kurnool but it is being considered to be formed as a district. As per the government officials there is a discussion that a total of 6 new districts to be formed , with Amaravati being one of them.  

Efforts are underway to form Amravati district and make Amravati a greater city. Amravati district is being formed with Pedakurapadu, Tadikonda, MangalagiriJaggayyapetaNandigama Assembly constituencies. But, will the capital play a role in the formation of the district in the present situation? However, there are definite signs that the formation of Amravati district is coming. We have to see what the people of Amravati will do as they know that the government is taking action.