Men in Black vs Man without Mask

Andhra Pradesh politics always increases tensions of even the onlookers and neutral people. The bitterness between Chandra Babu’s TDP and Jagan’s YSRCP led to many ferocious battles.

Things heated up after ACB arrested TDP senior leaders Achchem Naidu, JC Brothers, and sparks flew between TDP leaders and YSRCP Ministers. While Chandra Babu called for protests across the state, YSRCP blamed Chandra Babu and questioned whether he would spread coronavirus.

Today assembly session started and it turned out to be Men in Black vs Man without Mask. TDP leaders came to the assembly wearing black badges to protest against the arrest of their leaders while Jagan dared all coming to the assembly without wearing a mask. This surprised all as people are asked to wear masks to stop the spread of coronavirus.

While Chandra Babu’s TDP branded Jagan’s actions as witch hunting, YSRCP leaders attacked Chandra Babu for trying to hide corruption playing caste politics.