Is this CBN’s worst challenge till now?

TDP Chief Chandra Babu has over 40 years of political experience and immense experience as the Chief Minister and the leader of the opposition. He played a key role in deciding two Prime Ministers for the nation. Under these circumstances anyone would have expected Chandra Babu to come with mature statements and actions.

But his actions over the past few weeks, gives an impression that Chandra Babu past his prime and is fast losing his sheen. He came with a 48 hour deadline to AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy over the three capitals issue and demanded that the decision be revoked. But even his close aides and party leaders say Chandra Babu dared AP CM Jagan but at the same time he didnot say what he would do after the 48 hour deadline ends.

TDP sources say there is nothing wrong in fighting for Amaravathi as it is a prestige issue for Chandra Babu but they are questioning after challenging AP CM Jagan and YSRCP, why is he asking for mass resignations and calling for referendum in the people’s court.

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