CBI former JD’s shockers about Jagan and Pawan

Former CBI Joint Director Lakshmi Narayana during his regime attained an immense reputation as a honest and tough officer. He sent shivers down the spines of all politicians especially Jagan Mohan Reddy and Chandra Babu Naidu.

He is known for his sensational actions and he surprised all by resigning from his IPS post. After touring the entire state of Andhra Pradesh and meeting various people, he joined Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena and contested the general elections from Visakhapatnam loksabha constituency. Later he quit Jana Sena having differences with Pawan Kalyan.

Now speaking to scribes, Lakshmi Narayana exposed both Jagan and Pawan with shocking comments. On Jagan’s one year rule he said ‘ One can rate the government after one year. He is still making decisions. Few think manifestos are only to win elections and they do not try to implement after coming to power. However, Jagan is implementing what he promised in the manifesto.”

Coming to Pawan Kalyan, he said: “I resigned from Jana Sena because Pawan after promising that he will be in full-time politics but failed to do so.”

On him joining another party, he said ‘ I am not in any party at present. During the last two weeks, people joined me in various parties on social media. I haven’t yet taken any decision. However, I will try to bring change in the thinking of the people”