Can Vitamin D helps in avoiding Obesity?

The importance of vitamin D is no secret to the world. In fact, it helps in the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and other crucial minerals from the food we consume.

While sunlight is the natural source of vitamin D, we also have an ample amount of vitamin-enriched foods around such as mushroom, soya, eggs, milk, yogurt, orange, and more.

The zebrafish research has solved the hypothesis that vitamin D deficiency (VD) in early life stage development may serve as a precursor to metabolic disruption.

Can Vitamin D helps in avoiding Obesity?
Can Vitamin D helps in avoiding Obesity?

Growing zebrafish on a vitamin D void diet between 2-12 MPF showed significant somatic growth and central fat. Early development suggests that VDD affects metabolic health, impairs the balance between somatic growth and fat accumulation, and suggests a distinct relationship between vitamin D., VDD, and metabolic homeostasis.

Considering this relationship between vitamin D and metabolism, we can say that it is essential to take a vitamin-rich diet to boost metabolism and transmit our energy without excessive fat storage. But before adding anything new to your diet, consult your doctor/dietitian first.

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