YS Sharmila: Which Constituency Will She Contest?

The Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh faced a tough time after not securing any MLA or MP seats in the 2014 and 2019 elections. However, it’s now looking to regain ground, and the key move appears to be the entry of YS Sharmila into AP politics. Sharmila, after a brief episode in Telangana where she initially aimed for CM candidacy but withdrew without contesting, seems poised for her debut in AP.

There’s a buzz that the AP Congress is preparing for Sharmila’s arrival. Reports indicate that former Congress MLA Kamalamma suggested she contest from the Kadapa MP constituency, a stronghold of the YS family. This move hints strongly at Sharmila’s likely entry into AP politics.

The Congress might be eyeing Sharmila to reclaim a section of the YS vote bank from the ruling YCP and attract back disillusioned Congress members who left due to a lack of leadership. Sharmila is seen as a potential charismatic leader who could revive Congress in AP. Moreover, disenchanted former Congress leaders within YCP might consider returning to Congress under Sharmila’s leadership.

By focusing on the Kadapa constituency, known for its support to the YS family, Congress aims to leverage Sharmila’s appeal and the family’s legacy to bolster its position in the region. This strategic move underscores Congress’s hopes of a resurgence in Andhra Pradesh through Sharmila’s influence and popularity.