WWF chooses Upasana as the brand ambassador

WWF chooses Upasana as the brand ambassador

Upasana Kamineni, MD of Apollo Group of Hospitals, daughter-in-law of Chiranjeevi, and wife of Ram Charan, has received another prestigious honor.

Upasana has been chosen by the WWF India of Forest Frontline Heroes as the brand ambassador. They by sharing the news posted, “The forest heroes perform challenging tasks-conserving and restoring forests and protecting their denizens. We look forward to Upasana’s support in highlighting their extraordinary work.”

Upasana expressed her fratification and replied, “I have been on the side where frontline workers in the hospitals are tirelessly working to save lives. On the other hand, the forest field staff often work night and day in extreme conditions such as scorching heat and biting cold and torrential rains. On average, they walk up to 15-20 km a day to patrol the forests, facing the dangers of encountering wild animals or poachers. I am committed as WWF India’s ‘Ambassador of Forest Frontline Heroes’ to support and draw attention towards the people who are the pillars of nature and wildlife conservation.”

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