Wild Rumors On Akhil Akkineni

Akhil Akkineni faced a major setback with his recent film, “Agent,” causing disappointment for both him and the film’s producers. Despite this stumble, there’s buzz surrounding Akhil’s next project under UV Creations. Originally set for an announcement after “Agent,” the news got delayed. Speculation suggests this upcoming film might carry a hefty budget of 100 crores. Despite the financial setback from “Agent,” the production house seems ready to heavily invest in Akhil’s new venture.

However, this move comes with significant risks, especially given the disappointing outcome of “Agent.” Akhil’s career has faced uncertainties after this, leaving his fans puzzled about his next move. The film, to be directed by a newcomer, is expected to start filming in early Summer 2024. If the 100 crore budget rumor holds true, this launch would mark another big attempt to re-establish Akhil’s footing in the industry.

For now, these reports might just be speculative to drum up excitement around the film. It would indeed be a bold move by UV Creations to invest such a substantial amount in a new director and Akhil, who hasn’t yet solidified his position as a bankable star despite several attempts.