What will Nani ask Allu Arjun and Vijay

What will Nani ask Allu Arjun and Vijay

Natural Star Nani is renowned for his natural and realistic performances. He recently entertained with his upcoming film Tuck Jagadish. The film got an average talk as it turned out to be a routine family entertainer loaded with a heavy dose of sentiments and emotions.

Nani during the interaction was asked how he would react when he along with Allu Arjun and Vijay meet in a lift. Nani reacted funnily saying that he would ask Allu Arjun and Vijay to speak up as he would be very much interested in listening to their conversation.

Similarly, when asked what question he will ask Anushka Shetty and Fahad Faasil, Nani said he will ask Anushka why she didn’t message him even after the trailer launch and added that he will ask Faasil whey they would meet again. Nani’s next, Shyam Singha Roy is racing for a grand release.

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