Vishwak Sen’s Multistarrer With Balakrishna

Vishwak Sen is a rising star in the Telugu film industry who has been making waves with his impressive acting skills and unique directorial style. Known for his bold and unconventional approach to filmmaking, he has quickly become one of the most sought-after talents in the industry.

Vishwak Sen made his acting debut with the critically acclaimed film, “Vellipomakey” in 2017, and followed it up with the hugely successful film, “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi” in 2018. He made his directorial debut with the film, “Falaknuma Das” in 2019, which was a box-office success.

As per the latest sources, Vishwak Sen is planning a big multistarrer with Balakrishna whom he admires the most. It is not yet clear what the storyline or the genre of the movie will be, but one can expect it to be a high-octane action drama that showcases the talents of both these talented actors.

Vishwak Sen acted alongside Venkatesh in his last release Ori Devuda and planning a multistarrer with Balakrishna has created a lot of buzz in the Telugu film industry. Fans are eagerly waiting for more details about this exciting project, and one can expect it to be a massive hit at the box office. Vishwak Sen’s latest movie Das ki Dhamki is slated for release this summer.