Vajra Kavacha Dhara Govinda – Review

Title: Vajra Kavacha Dhara Govinda

Cast: Saptagiri, Vaibhavi Joshi, Srinivas Reddy

Banner: Siva Sivam films

Direction and Screen play: Arun Pawar

Introduction: Saptagiri made few attempts to establish himself as hero but nothing worked. This is his third attempt as a hero and let’s see if he can pull it off this time.

Story: Govinda’s (Saptagiri) village residents die from cancer. Govinda couldn’t digest this and wanted to help them. In the attempts to save his village residents he is deceived by an MLA. Later, he gets to know about a diamond and goes in pursuit of it. To get hold of the diamond, he has to fight local goons. What happens in the end, did he get the diamond and save his residents forms the rest of the story?

Analysis: The movie is said to be a comedy drama but the movie does not have a handful of scenes that evoke laughter. Saptagiri in only one or two scenes could evoke laughs. The story is quite outdated and the director didn’t even make any attempt to make it interesting. This half baked movie has many sub plots and none of them treated well by the director. Saptagiri did his best but the lackluster drama couldn’t support him. Bland comedy scenes, dragging screen play are all minus points of the film. The heroine doesn’t have a meaty role and Srinivas Reddy did okay.

Finally: Bland comedy