Vaishnav Tej on mom and marriage

Vaishnav Tej is getting ready to entertain movie lovers with his upcoming entertainer Kondapolam directed by Krish. The film is slated for a grand release on October 8 and expectations are high as Vaishnav Tej’s debut film Uppena created a sensation at the box office.

Vaishnav Tej speaking to scribes spoke about his love for his mother and his marriage. He said “I’m the youngest son and confess I am very close to my mother. And, yes, I have my profile picture with my mother on Instagram. She’s my first love and will always remain so. Just like her name Vijaya Durga, she possesses all the qualities of Durgamata.”

He revealed “She has always been supportive in whatever I do. Even when I’m unable to decide what to do in life, she’s been encouraging me and always positive that I’ll always find my way out. She always tells me, “Don’t worry; you’ll get what’s in store for you.” I was struggling and didn’t know what to do, but whatever I am today, it’s because of her.”

When asked whether after marriage, his wife will get the first preference over his mother, he says “I am yet unmarried. So before I get married, I’ll let my future wife know that my mum is my first love. She will definitely understand “