Trivikram Breaks His Sentiment For Mahesh Babu

Director Trivikram has undergone a significant shift in his approach for his upcoming film with Mahesh Babu. Departing from the ‘A’ sentiment that was present in his last four movies, he has chosen the title “Guntur Kaaram” for this project.

Trivikram’s attachment to the letter ‘A’ sentiment was not always a consistent factor in his film titles. Initially, he had a preference for catchy titles like “Nuvve Nuvve,” “Athadu,” “Jalsa,” “Khaleja,” and “Julayi.” Even after the immense success of “Attarintiki Daredi,” he continued with titles like “Son of Satyamurthy.”

However, in his subsequent films, such as “A Aa,” “Agnyaathavaasi,” “Aravinda Sametha,” and “Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo,” he reverted to using ‘A’ titles, leading to speculation that Mahesh Babu’s film would follow suit with an ‘A’ title like “Amaravatiki Atu Itu.” However, it was believed that a softer title would be more suitable for the film’s subject.

Two titles, “Uriki Monagadu” and “Guntur Karam,” were under consideration, with some anticipation for an ‘A’ title until the last minute. Ultimately, “Guntur Kaaram” was chosen as the final title, indicating Trivikram’s departure from the ‘A’ sentiment.

In another change from his usual practice, Trivikram, who typically refrains from announcing film titles before release, has decided to reveal the title for this film ahead of schedule.

The recently released glimpse of the movie showcases numerous action scenes, including a fight set in Mirchi Yard, accompanied by the dialogue, “Enti alaa choostunnaav..Bidi 3D lo kanipistondaa?”