Too Many Voices, Telangana Congress Dilemma!

The Telangana Congress is eyeing a potential shot at power for the first time since the state’s formation. However, the party’s campaign has faced setbacks due to careless remarks causing unnecessary controversies. The trouble began with Revanth Reddy, a renowned orator for Congress, who stated at a TANA event that providing farmers with 24-hour free power was unnecessary, suggesting that three hours would suffice.

This comment sparked a backlash from BRS, portraying Congress as anti-farmer and significantly damaging the party’s image. Moreover, the issue of multiple contenders vying for the Chief Minister’s position has added to Congress’s instability. Figures like Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Madhu Yashki Goud have expressed their desire for the CM post during the campaign, amplifying the criticism that too many aspirants are causing discord within the party.

The situation worsened when former Union Minister Chidambaram, arriving from Delhi, apologized for the deaths during the Telangana movement. This unexpected apology led BRS to put up hoardings across the state, condemning Congress for the deaths during the agitation. Such an apology stirred controversy and raised questions about its necessity at this juncture.

To salvage any hope of winning over voters, Congress leaders, from high-ranking officials in Delhi to grassroots members, must exercise caution with their words and actions. The need of the hour is for the party to maintain a unified front and present a cohesive, voter-friendly agenda, steering clear of unnecessary controversies that could harm their electoral prospects.