Why Prabhas is Modi’s favourite star

All are wondering why is Prabhas, PM Modi’s favourite star.There is nothing special to be said about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He once said that his life was for the people of the country. He dedicated his life to politics. He stays away from the people of the country, even his family for the BJP party. He left his family many years ago. Currently his life is dedicated to the country.

prabhas modi
prabhas modi

It is coming out that Prabhas is also determined to follow in the footsteps of Prime Minister Modi. Not that Prabhas is entering politics or joining BJP. Just like how PM Modi dedicated his life to people and politics, Prabhas wants to dedicate his life to his fans and movies.

Prabhas lined up many crazy projects and his most high profile project is Adi Purush. Already stars like Nitin, Nikhil, Rana, younger to Prabhas got married. However, Prabhas is sending signals that he is interested in films and not marriage.

The films he currently has on hand will take two to three years to complete. If he signs any more films, his marriage gets even more postponed. So Prabhas is following PM Modi and that is the reason for becoming Modi’s favorite hero.

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