Why did Rajamouli cancel RRR test shoot


During the lockdown, Tollywood Jakkana Rajamouli during his interactions with cinematography minister Talasani Srinivasa Yadav while requesting permissions for the films shootngs said he will present how one could conduct shoot with less number of the crew following covid restrictions.

Telangana government has given permissions for the film shoots and all eyes turned towards Rajamouli and his test shoot. Rumours spread that Rajamouli would conduct the trail shoot either on Friday or oncoming Monday with 50 people instead of the required 200.

It is now comingout that Rajamouli canceled the test shoot. This came as a surprise but sources say Rajamouli felt that carrying out test shoots and then regular shoot will increase the cost of production and so decided to proceed ahead with the regular shoot.

Others say Rajamouli got ready for the test shoot and all arrangements were made for the shoot at Aluminum Factory but police did not give them the required permission.

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