What’s Up: RGV in Goa with hot beauties

rgv dangerous

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is currently making the optimum use of the lockdown due to corona virus pandemic. While others are praying God for corona to go away and normalcy returns so that theatres would open and shootings will resume, RGV is busy churning out numerous films on various genres and also courting controversies.

Now it is coming out that RGV is planning to fly to Goa during corona time. This is surprising as couple of days back rumours spread that RGV got affected with corona. It is known that RGV announced his next project Dangerous, which he claims to be India’s first film on LGBT community.

The film stars hot beauties Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly. With covid cases increasing in Hyderabad and Telangana and shooting becoming near impossible, RGV is planning to fly to Goa where cases are less so that he can complete shooting with hot beauties Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani for Dangerous.