Shocker: RGV compares Nagnam,Naked,Nanga with RRR

Ram Gopal Varma is known for his shocking and bold statements. He is the only director in the entire film industry across the country who has been busy even during the lockdown.

He already released two adult films Climax and Nagnam and lined up many more projects. As he is getting a huge response, he increased the price from Rs 100 to Rs 200 per view.

In the meantime, RGV compared Nagnam,Naked,Nanga with Rajamouli’s prestigious multi starrer RRR with NTR and Ram Charan. He shocked a film critic by questioning ‘ Why did you write my Naked film budget as Rs 1 lakh’. When the critic said he felt that the production values looked not more than that of Rs 1lakhs. RGV laughed and told “If you had asked me I would have told you the budget. The budget is just Rs 2000. The guy who played the role of a servant was paid travel expenses. We have a camera, editing and mixing equipment and so the production cost is zero”

Now comparing his Naked with Rajamouli’s RRR he said he gave advice to Rajamouli to release the film on Amazon, Netflix and he would make Rs 1000crs within minutes. RGV’s advice is good but the question is will Rajamouli heed to RGV’s advice. Rajamouli’s films have larger than life extravaganza and the theatre effect cannot be felt on OTTs.

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