Shock to Bigg Boss: Nagarjuna angry:Season 4 postponed?

biggboss4 postponed



Bigg Boss Telugu reality show attracted people who got glued to their TV sets in their houses. The organisers planned to start the show by August last week and mostly on Aug 29 as they hoped that this would attract more viewers as it happens to be Nagarjuna’s birthday.

Nagarjuna angry biggboss4

According to the latest, Bigg Boss fans will be getting a shock as the organisers decided to start the show from the first week of September. The campaign is already underway as the decision has been made to this extent.

It is being advertised that the upcoming contestants have been placed in the selected quarantine. However, one of them, a young singer, is being touted as having been diagnosed with corona positive. This seems to be the reason behind the postponement of the show. However, fans who had hoped that the show would start in another three days are now in shock.

Sources say Nagarjuna is extremely furious with the delay.Nag became furious with the organisers moving very slowly.He asked themnot to waste time on unnecessary things and questioned whether the show will start even on September 5.