Shock: Naked better than Power Star?

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is keeping himself busy during corona virus crisis by stoking controversies targeting celebrities. He first unleashed his adult content Climax and Naked, Nanga and Nagnam and then trained his guns on Pawan Kalyan with the film Power Star.

He lined up projects like Murder, Corona Virus, Thriller and also announced controversial projects like Arnab Goswami-The News Prostitute and Allu. In the midst of all this, shocking revelation is coming that RGV’s Naked got more views than his controversial film Power Star.

Some say people got attracted to RGV’s publicity for Naked and thronged to watch the film. However later they realised his gimmicks and stayed away from watching Power Star. Under these circumstances one has to wait and watch how RGV tackle this issue. Knowing RGV, he will come with new strategies to fool people and make huge bucks.

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