Seetimaarr beauty raves about Salman Khan

Salman Khan enjoys tremendous craze across the country. Females develop cold feet at the mere mention of his name. Digangana Suryavanshi speaking to scribes raved about Salman Kahan.

Digangana, after making an impression on a small screen, entered Bigg Boss 9 hosted by Salman Khan and got evicted on 57th. 22-year-old Digangana speaking about her experience with Salman Khan told her that it was the right time for her to try in films if she is interested. She said it was motivating as she was just 18 at that time.

Digangana is romancing Macho Star Gopichand along with Tamannaah in Seetimaarr under the direction of Sampath Nandi. She made her debut in Tollywood romancing Karthikeya in Hippi and gave sleepless nights with her hot beauty treat. Digangana indulged in bikini treat, intimate scenes, and hot liplocks but the film failed at the box office. Digangana is now pinning all her hopes on Seetimaarr to sizzle on the silver screen and shake the box office.

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