RGV gets Murder shock

Ram Gopal Varma with his maverick ways is hogging the media limelight during coronatimes and in the lockdown. RGV announced the project Murder, inspired by the real life happenings in Amruta, Pranay’s case. 
On Sep 14,2018, Paranav was hacked to death when he along with his pregnant wife Amrutha was coming out of the hotpital in Miryalaguda. In March 2020, Amruta’s father Maruti Rao committed suicide in Arya Vaishya Bhavan, Hyderabad. When Ram Gopal Varma announced the project, Amrutha opposed RGV and questioned why was he playing with the sentiments of the people. 
Now, Pranay’s father Balaswamy lodged a complaint at One Town Police Station, Miryalaguda against producer Natti Karuna and Ram Gopal Varma. Police following the order from a Nalgonda SC/ST special court registered a case on Ram Gopal Varma and Natti Karuna. 
Ram Gopal Varma during the last few weeks released his adult films Climax and Nagnam and minted huge bucks cashing to the weakness of the youngsters. 

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