Renu Desai exposed Power Star

The mention of Power Star Pawan Kalyan, chief of Jana Sena invariable makes people remember Renu Desai. After Pawan divorced his first wife Nandini, Pawan, and Renu Desai lived together for more than ten years and later got married in 2009.

After they parted ways within 2 years, Renu brought up their children Akira and Adya without using the name of Pawan Kalyan. Speaking to scribes, Renu Desai made startling revelations about Pawan Kalyan.

Everyone knows that Renu Desai is a good actor but she revealed that she is also a good editor. She edited many of Pawan Kalyan’s films but since her name was not on the title card, no one is aware of her talent.

Apart from it she also worked as a costume designer. People know about the popular song ‘Yeh Mera Jahan’ in Khushi. Director SJ. Surya shot the song with 20 minutes rush. Renu revealed that when editor Marthand K Venkatesh had been trying to edit it to five minutes since she knew Hindi, she edited the song to five minutes. She said during that time Pawan did not pay her any remuneration.

She went on to add that whenever she worked for Paan’s films, she did not get anything. She said she worked as an editor for Pawan’s films but she did all of them for free and so no one knew about her talent.

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