Ram Charan finds a solid story for Chiru’s OTT entry?

Allu Aravind launched an OTT platform called that is high on the likes of Amazon and Netflix. It is getting a decent response. Now, Allu Aravind is looking for new content now and is ready to buy films and content from even small-time filmmakers to make his OTTT platform during this crucial time.

In such a time, there was a talk that he will be doing an OTT show with Chiranjeevi. At first, Chiru had rejected that idea but now with Ram Charan coming into the scene things have changed big time.

The talk from the Charan camp is that the star son has found a perfect story that will suit his dad and wants to make it with Chiru very soon. The show will be made on AHA and more details will be out soon.

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