Rakul’s emergency landing in Hyd?

Rakul Preet Singh may be a North Indian naughty beauty and hails from Delhi. But her thoughts always revolve around Hyderabad. This because though Bollywood didnot bother about her, Tollywood turned her into a top star. She also has her own house in Hyderabad and also is running an F45 gym in the state.

In the midst of all this, Rakul surprised all by making an emergency landing in Hyderabad from her native place Delhi. After four months she came to Hyderabad and also changed her residence from Delhi to Hyderabad along with her brother Aman.

Currently Corona cases are increasing in Delhi and the stage is witnessing huge cases every day. To the top of it, pollution is high in Delhi. So Rakul came back to Hyderabad though she is not having any shootings. Her house in Hyderabad is located near AP CM Jagan’s Lotus Pond. She is now staying along with her brother.

Compared to Delhi, cases in Hyderabad is less and also pollution is less. Rakul is currently starring in Nitin’s film under the direction of Chandrasekhar Yelti.

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