Puri Jagannath’s Kamasutra controversy

Puri Jagannath is known for his powerful no holds barred talk in reel or real life. Of late he has been coming out with Podcast ‘Musings’. In the latest one he created a Kamasutra controversy.

puri jagannath kamasutra
puri jagannath kamasutra

He said though Indian ancestors taught about Kamasutra and sex longtime back, people forgot and started doing sex before going through Kamasutra and later repent for not knowing the various angles.

He said people stopped thinking what Vatsayana told and though ancestors sculptured various sexual poses on temples signaling that only if they enjoy sex, they have salvation, people are ignoring. He then spoke about Dharma,Artha, Kama, and Moksha. He said whenever there are shootings in Bangkok, his team will go bang bang throughout the night and work energetically the next day. He said in other countries they lose their energy as prostitution is a crime. People are wondering where Puri’s controversial statements on Kama Sutra and sex will lead to.

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