Poonam Pandey arrested by police

Poonam Pandey is extremely popular for red hot explosions on social media. Her beauty treat is known to give sleepless nights to all her fans. But she often landed in trouble for her uninhibited posts on various festivals drawing the fury of people.

Poonam Pandey despite her hot looks failed to make an impact on silver screen though she made her debut in Bollywood with Nasha and Tollywood with Malini & Co. She is known for her controversial acts like promising to run nude at Wankhede Stadium if India wins the cricket world cup.

Now, police arrested this controversial actress for breaking the lockdown in Mumbai, Maharashtra where coronavirus cases is the highest across the country. Poonam Pandey along with her friend Sam Ahamad Bombay, a film director,broke the lockdown rules and drove in her BMW car towards Marine Drive, Mumbai.

She got a shock when police arrested her, confiscated her car, and slapped cases under IPC sections 188,51(B) and 269. Police issued a strong warning and later let Poonam Pandey and her friend leave the premises.