Pawan stunner on RGV’s Power Star

While taking films on celebrities in public life, filmmakers face lot of challenges. They should get the look-alikes and train them in mannerisms and body language. Sometimes they also face opposition from celebrities fans. However only one person Ram Gopal Varma has the guts to handle all these pressures.

Of late he is keeping himself busy announcing films at a rapid pace. He recently announced a film titled Power Star targeting Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. Many thought the project was shelved when the look-alike actor disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

The stills of RGV’s Power Star went viral and RGV revealed that the story revolves after Pawan Kalyan’s defeat in the elections. There were few stills and in one still, Pawan was seen holding his head while Chiranjeevi was seen consoling him. In another still, while Trivikram was narrating the story, Pawan looked uninterested.

Inside talk is Pawan after seeing these stills laughed away heartily. It has to be seen how Pawan Kalyan fans will react to these stills.

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