NTR hikes his fee for Trivikram’s film?

NTR hikes his fee for Trivikram’s film?
NTR is in the best phase of his career and has some of the biggest films lined up now in the form of RRR and also Trivikram’s film that will also start by the end of the year.
The talk is that NTR has increased his remuneration for the Trivikram film by close to 7 crores is the talk. Earlier, he was getting close to 13 crores per film and now he will get 20 crores for this Trivkram film is the talk.
Things are going to the next level is also the talk as RRR will surely be a big hit and bring lots of fame for NTR in the country in the days to come. How NTR handles his fame and career from now on is the biggest question for all to see as of now.

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