Nikhil dares to question PM Modi

When PM Modi announced lockdown everyone supported it wholeheartedly though few questioned its effectiveness in controlling the spread of coronavirus. But with almost all nations preferring the only lockdown, as there is no cure, people are left with no other option.

Now after three months lockdown, the government started relaxing the lockdown norms despite the spike in coronavirus cases. This is surprising all and people started questioning whether lockdown served any purpose as PM Modi government earlier supported saying it helped in flattening the curve.

Nikhil who is known for his bold and frank questions dared to question PM Modi and the government authorities. He questioned “When there were 10 Covid19 cases we Locked down… now with 2 lakhs plus cases… We r Free… Logic Enti antaru Neutral face”. While some supported lockdown telling him that the government authorities quickly improved the health infrastructure by establishing all facilities for the treatment of COVID patients, others agreed with Nikhil saying lockdown did not serve any purpose and felt ‘ No Logic .. Only Magic”. On the professional front Nikhil is starring in Karthikeya 2 under Chandu Mondeti direction and 18 Pages under Palnati Surya Pratap’s direction.