Mahesh’s family pictures getting boring


Mahesh’s family pictures getting boring

Mahesh Babu is a hero who always spends some cozy time with his family. His wife, Namrata snaps these moments and always puts on social media for the fans to enjoy. Things have gone to another level ever since the lockdown has been announced.

Namrata has been posting these images on social media on a daily basis on these lockdown days. Even today there was an image of Mahesh and her son. Many of the fans just love this but there is a section who has started trolling this by saying things are getting boring from Mahesh and they don’t want to see them on a daily basis.

Social media is a delicate space and anything can happen to the best of the stars. Slowly the boring this has caught on among anti-fans and we need to see how much does it affect the star’s family from here on.

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