Lockdown wars: Balayya’s Gun vs Pawan’s Gundu

The war between Mega fans and Nandamuri fans is not ending and sparks are flying everywhere from all quarters. Following Balakrishna’s real estate dhandha attack on Chiranjeevi and Naga Babu’s counter demanding an apology from Balakrishna, the war intensified.

Fans of Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi started attacking dragging everyone’s name. This triggered lockdown wars involving Balakrishna’s gun and Pawan kalyan’s gundu. It is known that Balakrishna fired with his gun on producer Bellamkonda Suresh over an argument regarding outstanding financial issues.

Balakrishna would have gone to jail but Balakrishna’s lawyers claimed that he was mentally unstable. Mega fans dragged this old controversy and accused Balakrishna of mentally unstable and should be sent to a mental asylum.

Balakrishna fans in return pulled out Pawan Kalyan’s head tonsure snap and made fun of how he was insulted. Rumours spread that TDP firebrand leader Paritala Ravi after Pawan attacked him, got his head tonsured. Some say mega family planned to purchase a house of the senior actor. Mega family gave advance and occupied the house. They refused to vacate the house when the actor questioned them and Pawan answered him arrogantly.

The senior actor approached Paritala Ravi who taught Pawan Kalyan a shocking lesson by shaving his head. Pawan Kalyan however rubbished the rumours though he confessed of a rift. He said it was a rumour and claimed that he himself tonsured his head during shooting for a film. Paritala Sunitha also clarified that her husband and Pawan Kalyan never met or contacted at any time and her husband is not a fool to do such acts.