How Rajamouli and Corona fell in love?

Entire film industry and movie lovers got a huge shock when star director Rajamouli announced that he and his family got tested positive for the deadly corona virus. This triggered rumours as to how corona virus could enter into his house and reach them when they maintain and follow strict lockdown norms.

Speculation started increasing as to how Rajamouli and corona fell in love. It is coming out that since Rajamouli is in a joint family and all of them stay in near by apartments and flats in Hyderabad, they used to meet every day in the morning and in the evening.

At the weekends they used to have get togethers. Things didnot change even during the lockdown. Following increase in corona virus cases, Rajamouli along with his family members, father Vijayendra Prasad, brother Keeravani,his father Shiva Dutta and others went to their 1000 acres farm house which he acquired after Baahubali in Suryapet.

After spending few days, they returned back. However they got a huge shock when every one fell sick and when tested, they gound that they got affected with covid positive. Some say at the farm house Rajamouli or one of his family members might have come into contact with an unknown covid positive patient who spread corona to him.

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